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I am fortunate to live in Africa. Where our skies are so blue, it's unbelievable. Our animals are so diverse and our Fauna is extremely rich. We also have beautiful scenery that just begs to be photographed. I can't wait to show it all. Since my early childhood I've been fascinated by photography.

Staying in a small town away from the technology didn't help either. My Father was my inspiration. He took the most beautiful photos with his Asai Pentax camera. He really enjoyed taking photos with slide film. I can still remember my first proper camera that I received as a present from him and my mom on my 21st birthday. I really took my camera everywhere.

During my years in Natal, singing in the Drakensberg boys’ choir, I had the opportunity to learn the darkroom side of photography. I still believe that we should only try and emulate what we could do in darkrooms with our digital photos. Although I must confess, I do cheat sometimes. But not to often. Our world around us is so beautiful, it's just begging to be photographed. I hope you enjoy my website!

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